There Are Two Types of Books I Currently Read

I alternate between these two types of books: General ideas and applicable skills.

Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

If you don’t post about a book that you just read, did you actually read it? I constantly update my stories with the book's cover and some witty saying that pertains to something I learned. Outside of wanting to show off that I actually read a book (really weird flex), I genuinely enjoy it when people ask how the book was or something interesting that comes from it. Most of the books I read, if not all, are books about growth, skills, personal development — all that good stuff that can potentially make you a better self if you do some of the things that they write. The most recent book I finished is titled Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. This is more of a general idea book, in my opinion. You can potentially use some skills the next day, but for the most part, it’s the idea that individuals can have the type of “superpower” where their initial reaction or intuition when given the right context — is often right.

The other type of book I read are books like Deep Work by Cal Newport. This body of work lays down different techniques and perspectives to get work done in a digital-based world. How are you supposed to write a story every day when FaceBook and Tik-Tok videos are at the grasp of your fingertips. Some bits and pieces can be applied to my day-to-day life, and it’s cool how you can implement that when you want to accomplish something towards your goals. One of the most important things I’ve found when reading different books is getting the opportunity to learn from the author’s perspective or get a fast track of easily accessible knowledge and where you didn’t have to do any of the work. There is no need to conduct different research studies and go through numerous papers and findings that support whatever topic you’re telling the reader. You’re the individual who gets to reap the rewards from the group project. All you have to do is read the book.

Funny enough, after reading Deep Work, the book reminded me of how important it is to focus on the task in front of you fully. In the past, I had a terrible habit when reading that while I was in the motion of reading, I would be thinking about something else entirely in my head. I would be reading and reading, but just the words, not actually comprehending the content, or I was focused on getting a set number of pages in before I sleep. I still struggle with focusing occasionally, but I often catch myself when I’m getting distracted by my own thoughts and reel myself back in and get immersed in the paragraphs and sentences. When you get lost in a book, it’s crazy how much time can fly by. When my habits are going well for the week, I’ll be in bed by 10 and put the phone away and crack open my book. I’ll start reading and think to myself that I’ll fall asleep in no time. I look at the clock to check, and there it is… 2 hours pass, and when I thought I’d be dreaming, instead, I get caught up like I would when I binge watch New Girl for the x amount of times.

In my late 20’s, I enjoy reading these types of books because it’s topics that help me learn about myself and what I can do to improve my life. On top of that, I get to have mental conversations with the author and the individuals they introduce at work. How else would I see inside the thought process of people like Bill Gates or learning how doing one thing at a time can lead to great results in the long run? I write this all to say — whatever book you enjoy reading: fiction, magazines, non-fiction, enjoy the journey that the author takes you on, and let people know that the book you read was amazing and why not? Throw a quote in there too.