The Beauty of Being Alone

Another story about how being alone is okay.

Photo by Islam Hassan on Unsplash

An only child, an introvert, and a quiet individual.

No wonder I’m writing a story about being alone.

As I grow older, I realize how much I love my time alone. For the most part, I control how I want to spend the day, what I dedicate my time to, and who, and reflect on my thoughts, emotions, and truly appreciate everything around me. When I’m not distracted by my computer or my phone, and I actively think about how my life is going and what I own, I realize more and more that my life is going pretty well. Physically, I’ve never felt better (I may not look the best, but I feel the best I’ve ever had in my life), I have the opportunity to eat when I want to, and I live in a space that promotes creativity and purpose — a.k.a my room.

It’s only when I’m by myself when I truly appreciate the things and opportunities that I have in my life; otherwise, my mind is on work, keeping up with a conversation with my friends or family, or focusing on some entertainment.

When I have my time alone, the appreciation for the present is at its highest point. I actively think about the here and now, and for a moment, pause my thoughts on the future (1 year, 5 years, 10 years); how my life will look in a new city, or with a different job, or in a different car. It’s actually crazy how much the present gets lost in the thoughts of the future or even the past. You think about the “what if?” and the “I wonder when …” phrases.

I realize I’m my best self when I’m alone. I have the chance to organize my thoughts, ideas, and emotions. It gives me time to act purposefully throughout my day. It allows me to think about ideas for writing or content creation, and later on bring it to the people I collaborate with to take it to the next level. When I don’t have my time to think about ideas, I realize that it’s a little more difficult to bring ideas to the table as a group. (Not saying it won’t happen, but it’ll take a minute).

Once you get to a point where you accept your time alone, you cherish the energy surrounding you. I have friends that I feed off of when it comes to creative energy. I know the group of friends that will bring positive vibes to a hangout, but there are times when those same friends can bring different energy entirely, and you get drained. Vibes, energy, feelings, however you want to describe it, I would like to think that individuals have felt this. At this point, I can sound like I’m complaining about my friends or maybe how I can’t adapt to the situation or the environment. Still, I see it as a realization of how certain people strive in different social environments. When I want to have a good time, I know who to hang out with; when I want to build off of other individuals in a collaborative setting, I know who to reach out to. The more time I have alone, the better I recognize the type of people I need to be surrounded by based on my needs for that time.

Accepting our time alone is a work in progress. Somedays, we don’t want to be alone or feel like we’re lonely, but when we get to the point of being okay with ourselves, I hope that it's time well spent on appreciating you for being you.