Sundays Are My Favorite Day of the Week

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Sundays are the sundae of the week. You could grab mimosas (or just brunch) with friends and family, it could be reserved for church, it could be a day dedicated to getting chores done, it could be for BBQing for the football game, or just relaxing before the work week starts up again. Any number of flavors to plan out the day and what you want to do.

When I was younger, I always thought of Sundays as the villain of the week. Yes, I was still off of school, but it didn’t compare to Saturdays. I would wake up excited to watch the morning cartoons like Jackie Chan’s Adventure and then Yu-Gi-Oh. I would play outside with my friends from the neighborhood or go out with my family for a day trip out of town. Saturday was always a fun day. There’s a different type of energy that accompanies a youthful Saturday.

I dreaded Sundays when I was younger. I knew my family would have to get ready and go to church EVERY Sunday at 10:30 am. There was no getting out of it or thinking, “maybe we won’t end up going?” It was not going to happen. Even after mass was over, the rest of the day was boring to me. All my friends seemed like they were doing the same thing where they were with family, so no one was playing outside. During the afternoons, there wasn’t anything to watch. Football was basically over by then, and the next game wouldn't start until about 5:00 PM. The cartoons that were on were not my cup of tea. Sundays as a kid were truly boring for me. Did that reflect my imagination and creativity to make my day fun? Probably.

But I’ll blame the fact that I was an only child too—the easy cop-out for me.

Fast forward to now, and I love my Sundays. I will say that the biggest thing that changed from when I was a kid to now is the absence of going to church. I don’t attend church as often as I did before; with that being said, I curate the day like I would my childhood on a Saturday. I can make plans with friends or family to catch a Sunday football game or grab brunch. Lay back and catch up on shows, movies, or reading that I’ve been missing out on during the week, or go on my pc and game for a good half of the day. I think my childhood self would be pretty relieved that Sundays get better.

But, there’s something about cleaning and doing laundry on a Sunday that sits right with me. Not only does it set up the rest of the week for me, but it also sets up the rest of my day. I’ll wake up early to get those things done, which would then be followed by a solid workout. This is how my typical Sunday starts. A little bit of work now, to have the rest of the day to have fun. I love that you can spend it being as productive as you want, while also having your relaxation time.

Sunday truly is a fun day.

Whatever schedule you have, find your Sunday of the week. You earned it, and you deserve to enjoy it.




A (so-called) writer amongst other hobbies. Hoping to inspire those to continue to do what makes them happy. The host of “On Your Own Time.”

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Jason Tolete

Jason Tolete

A (so-called) writer amongst other hobbies. Hoping to inspire those to continue to do what makes them happy. The host of “On Your Own Time.”

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