My Gramps May Have Been on to Something When It came to Taking Walks.

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I never thought that I would be taking walks in the middle of the day.

Having the opportunity to work from home during these times is a blessing, but after months of sitting in front of a computer screen and typing away, I realize just how much I need to move out of my chair. I don’t sit on an exercise ball, nor do I have a standing desk. So what’s the next best thing? Taking walks during my breaks. I live in a gated apartment complex, and it’s essentially a circle. It’s one of my favorite ways to de-stress and focus on my breathing while also stretching my legs and hips out. I’m at the point where I almost hate sitting down.

At least once every afternoon, I look forward to the activity that my grandpa used to do as he started his mornings. I don’t know if this happens in other cities, but I would remember being at the mall early in the morning as a kid; I would see older adults walking inside, getting some cardio in, and doing some light calisthenics. (typically elderly adults) I imagined myself in that mall with them.

Does that make me an old soul? No, not at all

On my walks, I’ll sometimes bring my tennis racket with me and practice some shadow groundstrokes of my backhand and my forehand (I'll throw some practice volleys as well). Usually, I’ll do two laps around my apartment, it doesn’t take me too long to fully make it around, but it’s enough time to gather myself and take a break from work. I realized that I don’t listen to music or listen to podcasts as often as I used to. Simply because I’m not driving as much, and like most people, that's where most of the listening happens. If I decide to take a longer stroll than usual, I’ll catch up on episodes or listen to new music that drops for that week. I’ve also noticed that I make more personal phone calls to friends and family as I walk around. Many things I used to do in my car are things that I do as I walk. I’ll call my friends on the drive home from work and see what they’re up to (usually doing the same thing and getting off work themselves) but instead of doing this at the end of the day, I catch up with others during the middle of the day and see what they're up to.

Outside of work, I enjoy my walks because it helps me clear my head for new ideas when writing or creating new content. A simple change from the room to the outside and getting some fresh air can do wonders for the creative juices.

At least good enough to write a story about taking walks.

The only other thing that could make these much-needed breaks better is a beachside view.

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A (so-called) writer amongst other hobbies. Hoping to inspire those to continue to do what makes them happy. The host of “On Your Own Time.”

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Jason Tolete

Jason Tolete

A (so-called) writer amongst other hobbies. Hoping to inspire those to continue to do what makes them happy. The host of “On Your Own Time.”

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