I Watch Motivational Videos every day — to Get Motivated

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It would be a disgusting sight from a motivational coach’s perspective to see how many hours I’ve spent listening to speeches, presentations, and interviews rather than investing that time to create or work on my personal goals. When I first started watching motivational speeches, I tried to get a perspective from the people who’ve done it, who (at least in the videos) look like they accomplished their goals in life and are continuing to pursue new ones. These videos would range from Kobe Bryant and learning about his work ethic to Steve Harvey sharing his experiences in his life, really everything in between. It was a starting point to figure out what I needed to do and what I wanted to do on a day-to-day basis. Find something that I enjoyed doing that would ultimately set me on the path of getting out of the 9–5 box. That was my goal.

It was cool to hear the life stories from the speaker, the experiences that each individual endured, or learned from and experiencing that person’s growth and evolution from where they started to who they are now. After a while, the messages all started to sound the same. Growth comes from experience and failure; consistency is KEY, and don’t quit. Obviously, these aren’t the only messages or lessons to take away from these videos, but the ones that I was watching relayed the same information. The videos I chose to watch focused on finding your passion or doing what you love, creating your own path in the world of possibility, and prioritizing health. I appreciated the content because it could apply to everything that I cared about and continue to care about.

These are some of the things that I started or tried while watching all these videos — no specific timeline, but basically covering the past two years: I started a Twitch channel which I got to the affiliate level and at one point had 20–25 subs at one time — fast forward to now, where I don’t stream almost at all. I created a podcast titled, “On Your Own Time” currently with 861 downloads with a total of 10 episodes (I have not published an episode since March of this year). I began a plant-based diet (relates to health), still going strong for about ten months now. I’m helping with a plant business that my cousins started up, and finally, I’m writing on Medium and trying to stay consistent (started posting and publishing earlier this month).

Here are some things that I wanted to point out:

  1. I tried quite a few hobbies and ended up stopping ( I don’t want to say I quit because I find myself wanting to come back — at least recording podcast episodes)
  2. I felt like I was doing well, and I got to a point where I needed to do things versus wanting to do them.
  3. I just lost motivation.

4. I lost my focus on trying to make these hobbies a career path rather than enjoying them for what they are

Photo by John T on Unsplash

Watching numerous videos about motivation and success wasn’t enough to prevent me from “taking a break” from whatever activity I was involved in at the time. What it did do for me was keep me hopeful that something else was going to come into my life (was it a sense of fake hope? Possibly). But at the end of the day, I continue to watch these videos. I actively listen to whoever is delivering their message, and the bottom line is — they simply motivate me. I don’t necessarily take the steps or instructions that they talk about. I listen, and the feeling that I get from hearing someone passionate about their craft and their story refocuses my attention on what I want to do. In the current season of my life, I am focusing on my writing and the enjoyment I get from writing each day. If I need to watch countless videos of getting coached by people I don’t know, then so be it.




A (so-called) writer amongst other hobbies. Hoping to inspire those to continue to do what makes them happy. The host of “On Your Own Time.”

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Jason Tolete

Jason Tolete

A (so-called) writer amongst other hobbies. Hoping to inspire those to continue to do what makes them happy. The host of “On Your Own Time.”

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