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Sundays are the sundae of the week. You could grab mimosas (or just brunch) with friends and family, it could be reserved for church, it could be a day dedicated to getting chores done, it could be for BBQing for the football game, or just relaxing before the work week…

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There is no answer to the battle between productivity and napping.

This has been the most consistent battle that I’ve had not only this year but always. It’s not a 7 game series in the playoffs, but a show like The Simpsons that lasts forever. I’m fortunate to work from…

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It would be a disgusting sight from a motivational coach’s perspective to see how many hours I’ve spent listening to speeches, presentations, and interviews rather than investing that time to create or work on my personal goals. When I first started watching motivational speeches, I tried to get a perspective…

Jason Tolete

A (so-called) writer amongst other hobbies. Hoping to inspire those to continue to do what makes them happy. The host of “On Your Own Time.”

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